Thursday, December 13, 2007

Clean energy - Earth's only chance against global warming

Unfortunately for all of us, Earth is already faced with global warming because of dangerous greenhouse gases that are result of fossil fuels combustion. Oil, coal and natural gas are still something modern world can't live with and clean energy (renewable energy sources) are still very negligible on global scale and are satisfying very small percentage of world's total energy need.

Fossil fuels are traditional and dominant in many countries (especially in US since US emits most greenhouse gases into the atmosphere) and renewable energy sources which could provide clean energy that isn't harmful for environment are really lacking necessary attention of world's leading countries like USA, China and India.

Not only our air is polluted but there's also the worst ecological problem in history of the mankind - global warming which is mainly caused by carbon dioxide that gets released into atmosphere during the fossil fuels burning. Earth's temperature increased significantly (this particularly refers to Antarctica), ice is melting and obvious signs of climate change already showed us what we could expect in years to come.

There's lot of talking about renewable energy sources and their researching is taking place in many countries, but the real question is do we have enough time to wait for these clean energy sources? As current situation points out fossil fuels will be dominant force in the next 50 years as well and since our population will grow, there'll be also increased need for energy so we could expect even more greenhouse gases in atmosphere in years to come.

Some countries, especially in Europe are doing its best, investing large funds in renewable energy sources and their progress is already remarkable (i.e. Germany and Scandinavian countries). On the other side there are countries like USA that are reluctant to give major boost to clean energy sector because of its traditional dependence upon fossil fuels and very influential fossil fuels industry. We also have countries like China and India that are lately experiencing amazing economical growth and mainly because of its coal powered plants since coal is the cheapest (and also the dirtiest) fossil fuel and they lack necessary funds to invest in some other ecologically more acceptable energy sources.

This all means one big problem because efforts that some (smaller) countries put into their renewable energy sector are overshadowed by these big countries' dependence on fossil fuels, and there is really no exit from this enchanted circle. And it won't be until world's leading countries take this problem more seriously and what's more important start to do something noticeable about it. Only with clean energy sources we have a real chance stopping ever-increasing global warming levels and make safe future for our kids. So what are we waiting for?

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