Friday, February 5, 2010

Endangered animals - What are the main reasons?

Why are so many endangered animals across the world? Well there are many factors responsible for this condition, but all these factors have the same origin, namely us, the humans. We are really the ones responsible for major decline in population of many animal species because we believe that this world belongs only to us. We adjust the world like we feel is right, caring only for ourselves, forgetting that we cannot survive alone in this planet. Mother Nature has made interconnection between all species as the primary factor for survival of life on our planet. This interconnection between species created perfectly functioning "circle of life" where every living species plays its own role, that no matter how small it seems still adds to perfection of this circle. The less species remain the less perfect circle of life would be, and current number of endangered animals across the globe is really big reason to worry.

Mammals, birds, reptiles, they are all equally important in circle of life but many of these species are endangered, heading for extinction unless something is done. Why is this happening? Like I said before we are the ones mostly responsible for this situation. The most important factor that threatens survival of so many animals is habitat loss. As our population keeps on growing we need more and more space for our houses, farms, buildings, industries, and animals are standing on our way. In our selfishness and blindness we are destroying their habitats because we think only how to satisfy our current needs. This is really the main problem of humanity, the fact that we very rarely think about the future. What will we leave to our children if we continue with destruction of our planet? What will happen to circle of life if many animals go extinct? How will humanity survive without animals and plants?

Very few people think of these problems, and even fewer number is actually doing something to make the difference. We created terrible environmental mess mainly because we think we are smarter than nature. And the result of this? Whole bunch of different environmental problems that are becoming more and more serious. We got different forms of pollution, invasive species, illegal hunting, and of course the biggest threat of them all - climate change. Habitat loss is still the biggest factor responsible for so many endangered animals but climate change is becoming more and more serious threat.

Mountain gorillas are among world's most endangered animals

Global warming impact is becoming stronger and stronger which gives animals very little time to adapt to changed weather conditions. If global warming continues to strengthen its impact even further even the "strongest won't survive" because not even strong would be good enough. Seems like almost every day we got new member on endangered species list. Polar bears are probably the most famous among endangered animals but some other "famous" animals are also under risk of going extinct like pandas, gorillas, tigers, some penguin species, and many other. As the years go by list gets bigger and bigger.

Though conservation efforts are increasing they are not enough to cope with ever-increasing number of different environmental problems. Threat to animals survival isn't coming just from habitat loss, it is also coming from pollution, climate change, and many other problems. This makes conservation efforts almost impossible because just when you think one problem is solved, the other one, more serious pops out, and here we go again.

It is really good that animals can't talk because if they could talk they would certainly not have kind words to say to us. Perhaps it is the curse of this planet that we are the only creatures blessed with superior intellect because we are using it mainly for destruction. We should be protecting our planet, and keeping it healthy not only for us but also for plants and animals. Unless we do something to clean this terrible environmental mess our future would be anything but happy. Just imagine how sad would world look like without tigers, lions, elephants, monkeys...Would this be the world you would like to live in?


  1. humanity is a very funny word because it implys that we have something that holds us back from being monsters but in reality if this is what humanity means not one human on this earth has humanity because we sit by while animals and our own people die because of our selfishness and greed. we don't have humanity because human beings are a virus that will plague mother earth until she decides to get rid of us

  2. things like this bring tears to my eyes and i want to go out and save them but i cant because too many people are causing the probleme and not caring so they're making it worse

  3. Atleast, we can make attempts to save the animals living nearby to us. we should respect every creature of this world.

  4. WE humans are not intelligent at all because if we were then we would not have all these problems in our world.