Monday, September 7, 2009

Can clean energy lead to recovery of environment and ecology?

Industry is driving force behind this terrible environmental mess we created over the years, industry based on fossil fuels that harm our environment by creating serious ecological problems such as climate change and pollution. I'm aware of the fact that we cannot go back in the pre-industrial period to save our environment but making our industry more environmentally friendly would definitely be a wise thing to do. In order to do so we must weaken our reliance on fossil fuels to satisfy world energy demand.

Fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and natural gas despite being fundamental parts of industrial revolution, and economical development of the world cannot still hide from the fact that they are in fact evil for nature and our environment. Most serious sign of how excessive is our use of fossil fuels is definitely climate change problem that could result with fatal consequences in years to come. But despite different warnings from scientists and environmentalists world still sticks with fossil fuels because industry and strong economies are what matters in this morale-less civilization of ours.

I agree we should have enough energy to lead our "normal way of life" but we should definitely work more on ways to ensure this energy is environmentally friendly, and not source of tremendous pollution and climate change problem. This is the situation where renewable energy sector should jump out and make the difference but sadly this is not happening? Why is that?

Renewable and natural energy sources like water, sun, and wind all have great potential to satisfy future energy demand by doing negligible environmental damage compared to dominant fossil fuels but still we fail to use this alternative energy sources. The most common excuse is that these energy sources still need lot of research before being used on global scale. OK then, let us do more research and make them globally accepted energy sources and we have the right solution to stop majority of our environmental problems. Easy as that? Not quite.

In order to do so you need to have political will on your side because nothing can't be done today without adequate political support. And politicians despite promising dominant renewable energy sector in close future are not the persons you should trust too much. Why? Because of powerful fossil fuels lobbies that control big part of politics making development of renewable energy sector extremely difficult.

Just take a look at president Obama, hasn't he during his campaign and inauguration promised drastic cuts in emissions and serious development of renewable energy sector? And what is happening now? He's basically saying how industry is too valuable for massive CO2 cuts, and how this should be postponed for some better times. If we continue this trend of environmental abuse we can forget about better times because all we'll have will be disaster and misery.

Clean energy sector definitely has needed ingredient to succeed and start cleaning this big environmental mess we live in but politics directed from powerful fossil fuels lobbies isn't giving clean energy sector decent chance to succeed. Despite what some may think the power is still in fossil fuels lobbies because we are talking about the richest and the most powerful people in the world that intend to stay richest and most powerful. In the game of interests and profits currently there's just no room for clean energy sector, at least not for dominant clean energy sector.

When will U.S. develop such a plan?

And here's the link to the article that will give you more insight to this video. EU - 20% of renewable energy by 2020

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