Saturday, March 14, 2009

Canadian seal hunt - Such a cruelty

Another end of the march means another annual seal hunt in Canada despite the strong opposition from different animal rights group. The Canadian government announced a total allowable catch for 2009 of 338,000 harp, hooded and grey seals. The 2008 Canadian Seal hunt kill quota was 275 000, and since 2003 over 1.7 million seals have been butchered to death.

It is really difficult to understand how such barbaric act can be allowed in civilized company, just imagine, hundreds of thousands cute baby seals are being viciously clubbed to death each year. Such cruelty can be rarely seen in today's world. Can you imagine that at this time each year Canadian ice is awash in baby seals blood? Baby seals are lying on ice not aware of cruel destiny that awaits them. Their destiny is inhumane slaughter year after year, despite the protests.

This is really the largest slaughter of marine mammals on the planet. Cute little baby seals are thrown into this terrible horror movie each year. The name of the movie is "License for slaughter" because this really is a slaughter, a barbaric act that sadly goes unpunished. It is even disgusting to call this hunting, this is far from hunting, this is cruel clubbing to death, a real slaughter.

Protests were again not enough, and countless baby seals await their horrible fate. Current reports show that we are still years away from strong ban that would prevent this cruelty. It still very much puzzles me how civilized society can let this brutality happen every year? What is wrong with us? How can anyone tolerate this cruelty? Pelts, blubber, and meat are definitely not enough to justify this slaughter.

Take a look at this video for more insight.


  1. this is soo sadd!i want 2 cry! its just as bad as abortion! even worse! i can't even see them shooting these little babies! who eats seal meat? eww! we eat so many animals! its just not right!

  2. This is ridiculous and needs to be banned ASAP. It's the most barbaric thing I have ever seen. Take a stand and help stop this by emailing a request form! Just google cruelty to seals and enter your email address.