Monday, October 5, 2009

Water conservation - Why should we conserve water?

Water is one of the most important resources on this planet. Without water life on our planet wouldn't be possible and we should really do everything that is in our power to ensure enough water for our future generations. Though oceans cover almost three quarters of our planet that will mean very little to future thirsty generation because we need freshwater to survive, and freshwater is not an infinite source.

Will there be enough water for all in years to come? Even now there is not enough water for all people in our planet, so you can imagine what is going to happen in years to come, especially in poor countries whose population is constantly growing, and are more and more in need of water. Many of these poor countries do not ensure proper sanitation which leads to dirty, unhealthy water and many waterborne diseases (the most severe condition is in India).

Almost two billion people in the world lack basic sanitation facilities but to most of us this is really hard to imagine since we have never experienced living in such conditions. But if you think that the water in our cities is pure as can be then you are very wrong because all you need to do is take a look at the United Nations report that states how 95 percent of the world’s cities still dump raw sewage into their water supplies. Not a pleasant data as you can see it.

We seem to be constantly forgetting that freshwater resources are limited and that water scarcity is already big problem in many parts of the world. Just imagine how would you manage even for couple of days without the water, and you will see straight away how important water is, and perhaps you'll cherish it more than you do now.

Globally speaking we couldn't be doing less for water conservation than we are doing it now, and if we continue doing so even the countries of developed world will learn the real importance of water (on the hard way of course). While some poor countries in Africa and Asia experience how it is to live with limited and almost no water resources, the other countries like United States use too much water. For instance two-fold increase in population size in the United States since 1900 has caused six-fold increase of water use in United States. This is definitely not to way to help water conservation.

What should we do to conserve water? Limit the use of household water to really necessary levels; this may in the end result in things like much shorter showering but at least we'll be doing that bit extra for global water conservation, and make things a bit easier for our future generations.

Always keep in mind that as the world population keeps growing water is becoming more and more precious resource that could in the future even become the cause for new wars. And water's original idea was to create and support life, not to destroy it.

 Water is so precious and yet we do so little for water conservation.


  1. water is so important, so precious, and yet we do so little for water conservation. This is really sad.

  2. i know right? we should like do something big instead of like shower less or close the tap when ur brushing ur teeth. this is really sad

  3. i think people should do something about this! its so scary... in the years to come if theres no water then there will be no life!

  4. yea if we did not have water we would not even be alive yet some people treat it like it is dirt

  5. you are so right water is like the best thing ever and all we people do is treat it like it is just another peice of garbage.

  6. Water is so precious that you should take lots of care of it. Maybe in future you will not have water, you never know what is going to happen in future.

  7. water orignal idea was to create and support life not to destroy it