Monday, July 15, 2013

MicroPower Wows the Public with Crowdfunding launch on Kickstarter

San Marcos, Texas – MicroPower is launching a Crowdfunding campaign, to give members of the public, who are interested in energy savings and reducing emissions, the opportunity to participate in and support its energy saving project. The campaign is “live” on Kickstarter, the link for “MicroPower Chips” is :

Thermoelectric technology has had a tough time of things for decades with stagnant performance since the 1950’s whilst other members of the semiconductor family rocketed to world celebrity status as processors in computer machines during the information technology era. Thermoelectric performance is a GIANT, waking up and about to make a comeback the likes of which has only been seen coming out of Hollywood.

With potentially half the total yearly supply of fossil fuels (coal, gas and oil) being frittered away through waste heat via industrial processes, capturing this huge energy resource economically is seen as “the holy grail”.

Thermoelectrics is a means of utilising heat energy by converting it to electrical energy so that, when there is a heat differential between the opposing sides of the semiconductor material, the difference in temperatures causes the electrons in the material to move, creating an electric current. The more efficient the material and depending upon the temperatures involved and the level of energy captured from the heat, the more current becomes available.

Remaining privately funded and in collaboration with Texas State University, MicroPower Global has (for the past four years) been developing its proprietary thermoelectric technology quietly and discreetly.

Today, the company is ready to wow the public with its super-efficient “chips”, which use advanced semiconductor materials and adds a secret barrier layer that magnifies performance of the material. The efficiency levels achieved of three times the norm should open up demand from a multitude of existing industrial markets. .“For quite some time we have been in discussions with leading industrial companies such as BMW, Boeing, Dow Chemical, GDF Suez, Bosch, ABB, Honeywell and 3M to name a few, and recent collaboration agreements signed with major industrial players show the appetite that the market has for our technology. We are delighted to be collaborating with companies who can see the benefits of engaging with usat an early stage to develop integrated solutions,” commented Max Lewinsohn, MicroPower’s Chairman.

While the long-term prospects for MicroPower look strong, the immediate challenge is getting enough samples into the hands of industries all around the world.“At present we can’t satisfy the demand from potential customers, so securing the necessary funding to create thousands of samples for the level of interest we are experiencingis vital” he added.

 “Energy Savings Today – Reduced Emissions Tomorrow – A Safer Planet for Our Children”

For further information, visit our website at at, find us on Facebook at or follow us on Twitter @MicroPower_News.
Contact: Tristan Lewinsohn, Director of Business Development.
Email:; telephone: +44 7948 219 807

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