Friday, March 4, 2011

What is the best way to help our environment?

The best way to help our environment is to develop global ecological conscience and establish a new set of values where our environment and nature in general would rank above money and power. However, in a world driven primarily by the hunger for money such ideas are nothing but a nice dream and an utopia.

The environmental condition of our planet gets worse by the each day; the negative impact of climate change is already knocking on our door, there's also a huge biodiversity loss because many plants and animals are going extinct, water and air pollution is killing millions of people across the globe, and our forests, especially rainforests are disappearing.

The future outlook looks anything but bright, and by the current looks of it our future generations will likely struggle to survive. What kind of heritage will we leave to them? Do they really deserve to suffer because of our negligence and our disrespect towards the Mother Nature?

World leaders worry only about economy and their political interests, while environmental issues usually end up in "wait for better times" agenda. The world leaders still fail to realize that without the right action there won't be better times, and that things will soon get totally out of our control.

Take for example a climate change phenomenon. If only half of that what scientists are saying is true then we are surely heading for the scenario seen only in movies of disaster.

It certainly looks like the world has opted for the waiting strategy. But where is the logic behind the "waiting for worst to happen" strategy? Or do we still naively believe in some sort of miracle that will remove all environmental issues in the blick of an eye?

The time for action is running out, and yet so many people remain ignorant about it. Many people care very little or none at all about what will our planet look like in 50 or 100 years from now.

We must ask ourselves what will happen to our children and grandchildren if we remain ignorant about our environment. Their destiny lies in our own hands.

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