Monday, September 7, 2009

Ecological problems - Definition

Term "ecological problems" is today mostly used to describe different environmental problems. After all, ecology is top environmental science, and many people identify ecology as some sort of science that is primarily oriented on protection of our environment. This is only a partial meaning of what ecology really stands for, and this is the interconnection between all living organisms and their environment.

This full meaning of ecology is not often used in today's vocabulary. Given the current environmental mess and the fact that our planet has more environmental problems than ever before it is really no surprise that much more emphasis is put at this negative context of ecology. This is really the reason why there is really no difference between environmental and ecological problems in everyday talk.

Problems of environment are also problems of ecology because environment is really a center of all ecological research. Climate change, all sorts of pollution, deforestation, endangered animals, these are all ecological problems since ecology uses scientific approach to find potential solutions to these problems. Though ecology has evolved tremendously since its beginnings and became one of the most comprehensive scientific disciplines it doesn't have all the right solutions to these problems.

This is because these problems have not only become global but also because they are interconnected. Interconnection between ecological problems have made them multidimensional. Multidimensionality is what makes it hard for ecology to find the right answers to these problems because they all have to be included in potential solution. Solving so many ecological problems in the same time is really one of the biggest challenges in history of ecology.

In its attempt to find adequate solutions ecology is in many cases limited by politics. Political decisions create space in which ecology can operate, and in many cases this space is too limited for ecology to make the difference. Given the magnitude of current ecological problems politics should really give ecology free hands to work on possible solutions.

Politics is messing everywhere and ecology is not an exception. Ecological problems are maybe called ecological but ecology cannot solve them without political support. Ecology can as science only offer solutions but politics is the one that makes final decision. Unlike ecology that is guided by scientific approach, politics is more a game of interests, and this is what prevents quick solutions in politics. This is really the main reason why today's ecological problems have become such a big challenge. It is really of very little use for science to come up with different solutions when politics is the one that delays immediate action. Unless we see a change in relation between science and politics ecological problems will soon cross the point of no return, leaving both science as well as politics, without adequate solutions.

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