Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Endangered tigers - World's largest cats facing extinction

Many people do not know that though lion is called king of animals, tigers are in fact the real kings in cat kingdom, because they are the largest cat species in the world. Tigers can reach up to 4 metres (13 ft) in total length and weigh up to 300 kilograms (660 pounds) which makes tigers one of the most powerful mammal species. But sadly this power isn't helping them to much as they are brought to the very brink of the extinction.

Tiger population has experienced serious decline in the last couple of decades. For instance India not so long ago used to have ten thousands of tigers and now their number is somewhere around four thousand. Global world tiger population is smaller than 10000 individuals. Tiger hunting has been popular sport for many years mostly because anything related to tigers was and still can be sold at a very high price, and to some hunters tiger hunting is also the matter of prestige. I personally do not see any prestige in killing innocent animal just so you can brag about it.

The fact that tigers have been often featured in ancient mythology and folklore wasn't helpful either because there are still some people in Asian countries believing how wearing a talisman made out of a tiger's claw grants its wearer supernatural powers or how tiger's body organs are able to cure many human ailments. In Malaysia, for instance, tiger whiskers are considered a dreadful poison, while in Indonesia as a aphrodisiac. And of course tiger's fur pays extremely well on black market, and many poachers look only at tigers as the excellent sources of income.

Poaching is not the only reason why tiger population has experienced such a dreadful decline in the last few decades, equally important reason is loss of habitats. Humans are destroying tiger's habitats by cutting down trees, moving into their preferred locations, polluting the water and air, and hunting their prey. It has to be said that though tigers are listed as endangered, and though there are serious actions taken for their survival, the chances for their survival are looking everything but great.

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  1. this is sad! who would want to kill a beautiful tiger?

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  2. I loved tigers all my life. I think we should do something to help it make it's numbers go up.

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