Wednesday, June 17, 2009

There's no global warming since some glaciers are growing instead of melting?

Many global warming deniers love to hear anything that could imply that there's no such thing as global warming. The latest example that could be used to their defense is Argentina's Perito Moreno glacier that doesn't follow global warming trend, and is constantly growing. Scientists cannot explain why Perito Moreno is showing completely different pattern than most of other glaciers, but on the other hand nobody has ever said how all glaciers should react exactly the same to climate change.

Does this example really show that there's no global warming and climate change? Very unlikely because this is really an exception and not a general rule, and you can find much more places on our planet where glaciers are melting than the ones where they are actually expanding. Arctic, large parts of Antarctica, Himalayan glaciers and many other examples show that there is indeed a rise in global temperature, and that this example with Perito Moreno is really some strange exception that still awaits scientific explanation.

We mustn't forget that climate change is global phenomenon, and that we need to look at things at global level, and if we indeed take a global look we can sadly see that global warming is already a reality. Climate change is not all about ice melting but also about extreme weather events like flooding and droughts that have recently become much more frequent than they used to be. I would really love that science is wrong in this case and that there's no such thing as global warming and climate change bud sadly much more evidences can be gathered to support global warming theory than to deny it.

All current climate change models predict that worse is yet to follow, and that we could see so much more of climate change by the end of this century. Glaciers melting will not only cause significant sea level rise but also water scarcity in many corners of the world. We can still escape the worst if world agrees new climate deal and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, at least this is what science suggest us.

I really do not see a reason why science would lie in this case. What good would science have by making up such a story? Therefore I do not understand people that deny climate change. What proofs do they offer? For one their proof that global warming doesn't exist there is at least ten proofs that climate change is really happening. Call me pragmatic or whatever but to me numbers are the ones that count the most. And numbers definitely support global warming theory.

In any case take a look at this nice video. It will give you much more insight into Perito Moreno glacier, one of the few glaciers that isn't feeling the "global warming heat". At least not yet.


  1. What an amazing video! Our earth is such a wonderful gift its a shame that we won't realize how truly wonderful it is until its too late.

  2. Hmmm, global outlook indeed when you look at the global picture you see a cooling trend coming around. Low temp records have been broken in many areas in July, August, and beginning of September. In addition, if man made global warming existed then we should be shattering every high temp record there is and yet there are still high temp records that still stand from the 1800s and early 1900s. Global outlook, a few glaciers start growing because of increased snowfall and decreased global temps should make one think that it might be the start of a cool down. Structures in Antarctica are being buried and new ones being built on top of covered structures and some are saying Antarctica is shrinking yes on one side do to volcano activity but the other side is growing. Speaking of volcanic activity both land and underwater volcanoes dump more CO2 and toxic chemicals then we do in addition undersea volcanoes dump mass amounts of heat. I believe it was the documentary Drain the Ocean, stated that there about 5 to 8 times the amount of active undersea volcanoes than previously thought and previous numbers were around 30,000; a lot of heat. Core sampling shows that short periods of warming always proceed a longer cooling period. Global warming is a natural cycle not manmade.

  3. Oh, almost forgot NASA has started to speak against man made global warming (on the basis that evidence of solar activity has dramatic effects on climate change, which now indicates a cooling approaching) and over 30,000 scientist have signed a partition to denounce man made global warming. Why? Because there are always a few scientist that have no ethics and will do anything to make money; don’t believe me? Take an engineering/scientific based ethics course and you will understand why it is possible for scientists to lie, I applaud the scientist the stand-up and sign partitions that side on truth.

  4. Sorry to be a pain but below are links to a four part video presentation by a scientist on the science of climate change.
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