Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ecological crisis - Earth is still our only home

There is no doubt that current condition of our planet definitely belongs under "global ecological crisis" category. We made tremendous environmental mess over the years, and as always things need to become critical before we start fixing them. Mother Earth is down on her knees not able to defend herself from so many different ecological problems. By helping our planet we are helping ourselves because Earth is still our only home.

We seem to be constantly forgetting how Earth existed many years before us, and how Earth can exist without us. We, on the other hand cannot exist without Earth because Earth is so far the only planet capable to support life. We should stop taking things for granted, and accept the fact that we are not supreme rulers of our planet. Ecology, environment, and general health of our planet have been on sidelines all the time, not able to compete with the greed for an almighty dollar as the ultimate goal of our civilization. People are greedy, they think only of material goods, and almighty dollar is always ahead of everything else.

Just take a look at how world leaders instantly jumped to solve financial crisis and global recession. Billions and billions of dollar given in such a short time to save financial markets, if only small percentage of this money was used for environmental issues we wouldn't be now talking about global ecological crisis. On the other hand international climate deal, a must thing to avoid ultimate environmental disaster in years to come is still in question, still depending on politics to decide whether this is top priority or not.

Can you imagine this? With so many different ecological problems politicians are still discussing whether environmental issues like climate change are top priorities or not, and whether we still have time to postpone work on their solutions. Time may sound endless from general point of view but global ecological crisis should have given us by now the real proof that time is one luxury we do not have at our disposal. Global ecological crisis will soon turn into global ecological disaster if we continue with our ignorance towards reality we live in. Since we became dominant species on this planet we have done so many bad things. It would really be nice to do something good for a change. Wouldn't it?

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