Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Antarctica threatened by predators

Sea temperatures around the Antarctica are warming as we speak due to global warming and this warming could soon create suitable environment to predators, including sharks which could cause complete chaos among existing marine life that exists here for million of years without the threat of predator.

However global warming is warming sea and all it takes is water remaining above freezing for one year for sharks to join in and cause chaos in current marine ecosystems. Scientist predict that if the rate of global warming continues on the same level as it is now, this could even happen in this century.

Sharks aren't the only dangerous predators that could be making their entrance, there are also predatory crabs that could appear even before sharks if current conditions continue.

And so not only Antarctic ice sheet could soon disappear but also almost all life that evolved here in these specific conditions and survived for many millions of years before people decided to put an end to all of this.

The magnitude of global warming is tremendous, it's not only about Africa and Antarctica, it's about our entire planet and the future of many species, including ours isn't complete certainty. All species are linked, each life on Earth plays its unique role and each role is vital to maintain balance of the perfectly organized food chain.

If predators return to Antarctica this will not only cause chaos in ecosystem, but also irreversibly violate the balance in food chain and cause loss of many unique species that live only in this area.

Sharks - Coming soon to Antarctica

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