Friday, February 8, 2008

Climate change - Danger of biofuels

Climate is already changing as the result of global warming that was caused by greenhouse gases emissions that are consequences of conventional fossil fuels use. And now the new "miracle" fuel -biofuel should make its big entrance as the replacement for traditional fossil fuels since quantities of fossil fuels are limited.

But biofuels carry even more danger and can cause more greenhouse gases emission than even traditional fossil fuels, and there is also the destruction of many natural ecosystems and its conversion to cropland required for biofuels production as another negative side effect.

Because of this reason many forests and grasslands are converted to croplands which not only means releasing greenhouse gases into atmosphere when burned and plowed, but what is even worse deprives Earth of natural sponges needed to absorb carbon emissions.

We must save our forests by all means necessary because forests are our planet's lungs and planet can't breathe without them. As well as our forests we also must save natural habitats of many plants and animals keeping their ecosystems intact and biofuel production is preventing us in doing so. And it's also so unfair and inhuman converting food into a fuel while there are so many people starving in our planet.

If we really want to avoid the most terrifying consequences of global warming we'll have to seriously reduce greenhouse emissions and this is perhaps the painful message to many governments how biofuel just isn't the right fuel as it could even increase already huge greenhouse gases emissions and even increase the problem of global warming and climate change. Like it isn't already big enough.

It is yet to be seen whether ecology will beat energy needs of many leading world countries that love the biofuel idea since it gives them relatively easy way to satisfy increasing energy needs and there are also many farmers that want to cash in by this new energy policy. Let me ask you just one thing: Who is going to need all this energy once global warming really starts showing its real face? America, China, India? Once when it would be too late for anything, even the hope itself?

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