Thursday, March 6, 2008

Hawaii - Major problem of invading species

Hawaii is definitely a dream touristic destination for many people and a real paradise on Earth. But this paradise on Earth also has unique ecosystems that are threatened by many invasive species. Hawaii already lost many of its species, mainly because of aggressive and harmful invading species, and according to Hawaii Invasive Species Council at least two series of arthropod pests have arrived on Hawaii each year, for the last ten years. Particularly worrying is the red ant population that already took gigantic proportion.

But there are not only arthropod pests presenting giant problem, but many other invading species such as the brown tree snake and the invading plant Miconia. Hawaii has become subject of such tremendous invasion, mainly through human action as one of the most desirable touristic destinations. Environmentalists predict how each year about 20-50 new species gets introduced to Hawaii, at rate that is about 2 million times more rapid than the usual nature rate.

Hawaii is the home of many unique and beautiful plants and animals that developed in this, once isolated area, and live only in this area which makes this specific and wonderful biodiversity of Hawaiian ecosystems.

US government realized this problem and each year massive funds are being invested to fight this silent invasion that threatens Hawaiian native species. Invading species problem is the extremely serious in Hawaii and the worse invading species problem in entire United States, because species that developed on these islands were isolated for many years and didn't have any natural enemies, and this today makes them more vulnerable to ever-increasing number of invading species.

Unfortunately so, there is still not sufficient public awareness, nor completely reliable pest prevention systems. However there are efforts of many federal and private agencies that work really hard to prevent introduction of these invading species by inspecting incoming cargo in special biosecurity facilities. But there are only few of these facilities so their positive impact isn't that big and will require more funding in order to have any chance in fight against this major ecological problem.

Hawaii - Beautiful and unique piece of nature

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