Monday, March 17, 2008

Yangtze river dolphin extinct?

Yangtze River dolphin also known as baiji looks to be extinct as survey from International research team reported in 2007 after they failed to find a single Yangtze River dolphin during a six-week survey in China. Both visual and acoustic research failed to give positive results in 2007 as scientists concluded this already endangered animals has become extinct.

Reasons for baiji extinction are mainly overfishing and commercial development that caused tremendous pollution of Yangtze river. About 20 years ago similar survey found only 13 baiji so it is really no surprise that last year's survey found no results.

However there is some hope still left as there are some recent report of a baiji sighting meaning there is still chance for action that would save baiji from extinction, though this would be very difficult task since there are only few of baiji left (maybe even none now). If Yangtze river dolphins are really driven to extinction then this is the first time in human history that humans caused extinction of some dolphin species. And this is something we definitely can't be proud of.

Yangtze river dolphin - already extinct?

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