Sunday, August 31, 2008

Amazon deforestation on the rise- again

Though there has been a lot of talk about cutting down the deforestation rate in Amazon rainforest, things haven't changed to better. In fact condition is worse than before because about 3,088 square miles of Amazon rainforest were destroyed between August 2007 and August 2008 — which is a 69 percent increase over the 1,861 square miles felled in the previous 12 months. Such large increase is mainly the result of rising demand for soy and cattle that pushes farmers to cut down the trees in order to make room for new farms.

Sustainable development is still something like utopia, and there is simply not enough initiative to cut down this rapidly rising deforestation rate. Just in 2007 Brazil lost 2.7 percent of its Amazon rain forest in 2007, and experts say that this trend will continue in the upcoming years. Deforestation rates have already passed beyond alarming, and without the adequate government policy, sustainable development and funds from rich countries, alarming could very soon transform into catastrophic.

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