Sunday, September 21, 2008

Chicago to become green city?

Chicago could be one of the first US cities to put serious effort to significantly cut down greenhouse emissions. Mayor Richard M. Daley has announced a plan to dramatically slash greenhouse gases emissions that cause global warming. According to this plan whose main goal is reduce greenhouse gas emissions to three-fourths of 1990 levels by 2020 through more energy-efficient buildings, using clean and renewable energy sources, improving transportation and reducing industrial pollution, Chicago could become one of the greenest US cities.

This plan will require completely new energetic solutions for city, and there was already an agreement between city and two coal-fired power plants to reduce emissions or shut down by 2015 and 2017. City is already working on solution for things like better insulation, heating and cooling systems and windows in all commercial, industrial and residential buildings.

According to officials Chicago emits 34.6 million metric tons of greenhouse gases each year, and if we add the six surrounding counties, the amount of greenhouse gases climbs to big 103 million metric tons per year. Of course these levels of emission are main reason why since 1980, Chicago's average temperature increased approximately 2.6 degrees, and full 4 degrees in the winter.

Of course there is still lot of work ahead of Chicago, but at least this plan means moving in the right direction, and this is really a good starting point that should give example to many other cities, not only in United States but worldwide. Cutting greenhouse emissions is necessary if we want to successfully fight against global warming, and ensure healthy planet for our future generations.

Chicago to become green city?

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