Monday, October 20, 2008

Humans responsible for extinction of plants and animals

Last major extinction happened some 65 millions years ago when big meteor hit the Earth completely changing life structure on our planet as not only dinosaurs become extinct but many other animals, and especially plants. Current mass extinction that happens today is not the result of meteorite strike but different human activities that are causing different types of pollution, climate change, and large number of other ecological problems that are pushing many animal and plant species to the very edge of extinction.

Some scientists predict that by the end of the century our planet could lost more than half of its species because of different ecological problems caused by humans. With about 50 % species disappearing Earth's rich biodiversity looks to be very poor in years to come. The worst part is that we still have not made any significant progress to stop this horrific trend that threatens to destroy so many different ecosystems on our planet, in fact things are only becoming worse by the day as climate change as well as other ecological problems are gaining more intensity instead of slowing down.

Lost of many species is inevitable, and Earth's life structure will significantly change in upcoming years. In order to do as much as possible scientists are working hard to differentiate very unique species in order to save as many of these species as possible because the loss of species that are not closely related to other species in the ecosystem reduces productivity more than the loss of species with close relatives. The more genetically distinct certain species is, the more impact it has on the amount of biomass in an ecosystem, and therefore on productivity of given ecosystem.

But very few people today know how serious loss of biodiversity really is. People are more frightened with current signs of financial crisis, and ecological problems like current mass species extinction is last thing on their mind. Like this is something that won't affect us. And it will affect us so much because nature's concept is pretty simple which makes it so efficient, namely all species are connected. Extinction of many species will break this perfectly functioning circle of life, resulting in catastrophic consequences for all life on Earth, including almighty humans.

All life is connected on Earth, and every single species plays important role in so simple and yet so efficient circle of life.

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