Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cane toad lethal for crocodile population in Australia

The cane toad is notoriously known as being highly toxic for many animals if ingested. The cane toad was introduced to Australia in 1930s in an attempt to control the native Cane beetle and has since then spread across whole northern Australia. The latest victims of these poisonous pests are none other than freshwater crocodiles in Australia.

According to the latest survey that was carried out on the Victoria river in a only one-year period as many as 77 per cent of the crocodiles have died as a result of eating highly poisonous cane toads. This is not only the case on the Victoria river, there are some other waterways in the Northern Territory where numbers of freshwater crocodiles have more than halved over the past two years.

Cane toad is highly poisonous. Many crocodiles have died after eating these poisonous pests.

Additional problem is also the fact that cane toads are very fast movers that can even migrate at an average of 40 kilometres (25 mi) per year so they could become big problem if their population continues to increase. If deaths of so many crocodiles are about to continue there will be severe changes in balance of many ecosystems because crocodiles are on top of the food chain. However being on top of the food chain apparently isn't enough to deal with the poisonous cane toads.

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