Monday, November 17, 2008

Wetlands are very important for both nature and people

If we are to use most simple definition then perfect definition for wetland would be area with much moisture in the soil, such as swamp, marsh or bog. Wetlands are usually extremely beautiful pieces of nature with extremely rich biodiversity. Here are homes of many different ecosystems, for instance for hundreds of species of waterfowl, many other birds, fish, mammals, insects, and of course plants. Wetlands are very often homes of home endemic animal and plant species that can't be found nowhere else. But their role isn't only in providing breeding, nesting and feeding grounds to variety of different species. Wetlands are also important because of many other abilities. For instance wetlands slow the flow of surface water therefore reducing the impact of flooding, protect subsurface water resources, and also recharging ground water supplies, act as erosion controllers by serving as a sedimentation area, and they can even store greenhouse gases responsible for global warming, there slowing impact of global warming.

Wetlands are extremely important because of their multi-functionality

With so many different functions it is more than obvious that wetlands are of the highest importance, and that we need to do our best to protect and recover wetlands. Some data suggests that by 1993 half the world wetlands had been drained (Wikipedia). Good news is that there are many countries that have in the meantime understood the importance that wetlands have not only to nature but for people as well. United States have also issued some complex regulations that have been lay down in order to protect remaining wetland areas, though it has to be said that during George Bush there hasn't been a lot of work done to further strengthen protection of wetlands. Though George Bush promised how under his watch there would be “no net loss” of wetlands, once elections were over he hasn't only forgot about wetlands, but of environment and ecology in general. Hopefully Obama's environmental plan would include wetlands too because their multi-functionality makes them extremely important.

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