Sunday, November 9, 2008

Will United States go green with Obama?

One thing that George Bush really could not care less was definitely environment, and he practically did all what was in his power to prevent US possible turn to renewable energy sector. Will United States go green with Obama? Well if we were to judge Obama's words about "planet in peril", and excitement of many US environmental groups then we could say that Obama could well lead US green revolution in years to come.

However there will be lot of work ahead because Bush left tremendous damage, and environmental challenges for new administration will be enormous. Necessary changes should mean end of fossil fuels dominance, and stronger turn to renewable energy sector like wind and solar energy. However coal and oil lobbies are still very strong so we could expect lot of trouble in changing current US energy policy.

If we are to believe Obama's manifesto climate change plans will be linked to a $175bn economic-stimulus package intended to revamp the US energy economy and bring new life to US environmental policy by creating five million new "green" jobs. Climate change plans also include cutting greenhouse gases by 80 % till 2050. Obama's words if translated into action could well mean "green recovery" of United States and decent chance for clean energy economy in years to come.

It looks almost unreal to see so many optimism among so many environmental groups after almost a decade of dark years with George Bush. However there is this unpleasant financial crisis that could be big problem as many clean technology companies are already in trouble to go out of the business very shortly if current condition on market continues. But despite all potential problems hope has finally gained another dimension. Dimension of possibility. Hopefully possibility will soon turn to reality. If there is one thing that our planet needs then this is new reality. Reality with much less ecological problems.

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