Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Too many camels in Australia

Many of you probably do not even know that there are camels in Australia, so you are probably surprised by this title. Camels are not domestic to Australia but were introduced to Australia at the end of 19th and the beginning of the 20th century in order to carry goods across the country. That was all fine until roads become widespread, after this they were released into the wild. It didn't took to much for camels to have massive boom in population, especially given the number of sparsely populated areas and lack of natural predators. Because of these there are now somewhere around million camels in Australia.

Rapidly increasing camel population in Australia is a major threat to Australian wildlife

Such high number of camels has become serious threat to many native species because camels have invaded habitats of many native species. Also there is less food and water available to native species, and many species could go extinct which would change the scheme of many ecosystems and destroy current Australian wildlife. The Desert Knowledge Cooperative Research Center thinks that best solution to solve this problem is to eat more camel meat. Some would say a bit radical solution but given the current circumstances and lives of many native species at stake this looks to be only logical solution at this moment.

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