Thursday, April 9, 2009

Butterfly population - Serious decline in UK

You don't exactly have to be a scientist to know that weather in UK is miserable most of the year. Summer rains in UK are not only delaying tennis matches in Wimbledon but are also having major negative impact on UK butterfly population. Butterfly Conservation said that for 12 butterfly species, 2008 was their worst year since records began in the mid-1970s.

The main cause for such serious butterfly population decline is too much rain, and too little sun during the summer period. Such conditions limit the butterflies' ability to fly and find food, and also have negative impact on breeding and procreation. Though last year summer temperatures in UK were not so bad the conditions were still not adequate for butterflies because there was too little sun.

The good thing is this whole story is that many butterfly species can bounce back very quickly, at least this is what many butterfly experts say. But in order to do so they will need more sun during the summer. Another thing that can help many butterfly species are gardens as they can represent sort of oasis for butterflies where they can find enough food to survive since gardens are very good source of nectar.

Butterflies are not very demanding creatures, and every colorful flowers should do the trick, not the mention the fact that many UK butterfly species are grass eaters so it would mean lot to them if gardeners would allow native species of grass to grow a bit longer in the summer. Of course using less chemicals in gardens would also be very helpful. These may seem like small things to do but these small things can help many butterfly species. After all, what is summer without butterflies?

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