Monday, June 1, 2009

Climate change problem in Africa

Africa is already the hottest continent but once climate change impact becomes even stronger temperatures will be even hotter, and drought is likely to threaten already inadequate food supply. World will soon come to a point where countries will have to work on how to adapt to climate change, and Africa is not an exception. But in order to adapt to climate change Africa needs funds, and this cannot be done without the help from developed countries.

Africa is still trying to do all what's in their power to adapt to climate change and extreme weather events. Latest evidence that supports this is Nairobi Declaration. African Ministers of the Environment have finally agreed to mainstream climate change adaptation measures into national and regional development plans, policies and strategies. It looks like Africa is becoming more and more aware of climate change problem, and wants to enforce certain measures into new climate regime that would mean better adaptation to climate change.

This Declaration should result in different programmes that would help Africa achieve sustainable development, something that never really existed in Africa. Though this really sounds hopeful it is still nothing but some letters on the paper. In order to really achieve not only sustainable development but also ecological awareness Africa will first need to find the solution on how to alleviate poverty because as long as people in Africa remain hungry things will not change, regardless of politics and laws.

Can Africa alleviate poverty without the help of rich countries? Definitely not. Rich countries are still not doing enough to ensure enough food for Africa, and millions of people across the Africa are still starving. How to explain to hungry people that they need to protect their environment when only thing they think of is food, and how to survive? Rich world is living in one big sin, sin of not caring enough for poor people.

Climate change problem in Africa is really big one because Africa will be mostly hit with global warming but as long as African people remain hungry this big problem will mean very little to them. Can rich world finally show that hidden face of humanity and help eliminate poverty in Africa? Or are we gonna, like usual, care only for ourselves?

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