Thursday, June 18, 2009

Polar bear parks - Solution to save polar bears?

Polar bears have over the years become the endangered animals everyone is talking about, mostly because of climate change problem in Arctic. Arctic ice is melting fast, leaving less and less available habitats for polar bears which resulted in major polar bear population decline in the last 25 years. According to many estimates if current ice melting trend continues by the end of this century polar bears will disappear from Arctic. What can we do to save them?

One of the better ideas is definitely the latest Russian plan. Russia is about to create a new 1.5 million hectare park in the Arctic between the Barents and Kara seas that should give polar bears more industry-free area. Would these sort of parks be enough to save polar bears from extinction? Yes but only under one condition, namely that industries are kept far away from polar bear habitats, and that world finally agrees to adequate climate deal that would ensure these park remain cold.

World will soon have to make the decision about what is more important, polar bears or industry? If industry continues with its excessive emissions even parks won't be enough to save polar bears because temperatures will continue to rise, melting more and more ice, and polar bears really need ice to survive.

Arctic governments need to recognize the importance of polar bears, and many other Arctic animals that need ice to survive. Industry-free parks are definitely the move in the right direction but this is still not enough to ensure survival of the world's largest carnivores. Without global climate deal this will be nothing more than one good idea that had potential but sadly did not work in the end.


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    I hope the Polar Bears will NOT go extinct!!!!

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