Friday, July 10, 2009

Climate change problem to judge moral of our society

Climate change is not only the biggest ecological problem in human history but also a key factor that will judge moral of our society. Is our society only driven with money and continuous greed, or there’s something more important than money – like for example our planet’s health. Don’t get me wrong other ecological problems like pollution and deforestation have also reached critical levels in many parts of the world but climate change is by far the biggest threat for survival of the human race.

Climate change, in the worst possible scenario, can cause frequent extreme weather events, lack of food water, droughts, flooding, severe diseases, lots of refugees, basically something that may look to many people like Armageddon is coming. Is Armageddon really coming? If scientific prediction and current climate models turn out to be accurate and world fails to make drastic greenhouse gas emissions cuts then we could be heading towards the Armageddon at far faster pace than anybody has imagined.

I’m still wondering do climate change really has to strike us heavy before we come to our senses, is our moral really so low these days that we can’t even set our values straight? Is it really all about money, and if it is what is it good if you won’t have anything to spend it on? What about our future generations? Do they really deserve to suffer because of our mistakes? If we do not change our current way of life we will make life for our future generations very difficult if not close to impossible.

What does science still have to do to convince politics to react? Climate change problem can’t be solved with talks and promises, what climate change problem really needs is immediate action in form of new climate deal that would ensure massive cuts in emissions. Obama says how U.S. is ready to lead the way on the road to new climate deal but even if this climate deal looks the light of the day the question that still remains is “will it be enough”?

Rich industrial countries are still afraid to make big emissions cuts because they fear about their industries and economies, especially now in times of global recession. Therefore many environmentalists doubt that this climate deal will be much better than its predecessor Kyoto protocol. Just having climate deal isn’t enough if it doesn’t ensure emission cuts needed to avoid the worst that climate change has to offer. And this is where question of values and priorities steps out and demands an answer.

What kind of answer are we going to give? Forget about the Earth what we need is really strong large scale industry or Health of our planet is at stake here and we should do anything that is in our power to protect it? It is really difficult to be optimist here, especially since politics is the one that makes the decisions, and these decisions were in most cases very disappointing.

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