Friday, July 17, 2009

Tigers disappearing in Malaysia

Estimates say how in Malaysia there are only around 500 tigers living in the wild. This small number could soon become even smaller because conservations in Malaysia have openly admitted that they are losing battle to stop further decline in tiger population. Poachers and smugglers work in very organized gangs making conservation efforts very difficult, and many tiger carcasses and bones have been found in the last few months ( six-and-a-half pounds of tiger bones found in northeastern Kelantan state last month)

"Malaysian Conservation Alliance for Tigers" said how poachers "enter our protected areas with ease, and illegally trap, kill and export our wildlife with little fear". Illegal wildlife trade looks to be blooming in Malaysia and government will have to put much more efforts to fight it or tigers will soon disappear from Malaysia.

But things are not looking good for Malaysian tigers. I mean the Malaysian government can't even stop captive tigers in government-supervised institutions from being illegally traded whether alone to save tiger population that is living in the wild.

Tigers are disappearing fast in Malaysia. There are only around 500 tigers still living in wild in this Asian country.

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