Monday, September 14, 2009

Current ecological condition of our planet

Current ecological condition of our planet is mostly characterized by rising numbers of different ecological problems that have potential to turn into one global environmental disaster. And despite constant warnings from scientists how our planet needs better treatment we are still not doing anything effective to protect our planet from various ecological problems like climate change, pollution, and deforestation. In fact we are making things even worse.

The main problem of ecology is that it has to compete against industry. And since industry has economy as well as mighty dollar on its side there can sadly be only one outcome, overwhelming industry win of course. Economy and industry have one strong ally, namely the politics that prevents ecology from taking over. Despite recent claims from different politicians how the time for going green has come, green still much more represents the color of money than the tendency to do something to save our planet.

World still looks to be so indifferent to solve ecological problems. I mean climate change impact is becoming stronger and stronger, ice is rapidly melting on Arctic and Antarctica, temperatures are rising in many parts of our planet, pollution is worse than ever before, we are rapidly destroying our forests, extreme weather events are becoming much more frequent, and many animals are on the brink of the extinction. But this still doesn't look to be enough for us to do something effective to save our planet. World leaders will not save our planet simply by talking and promising, without quick appropriate action we'll be walking straight towards one enormous environmental disaster that will completely change our way of life.

Different political opinions and different interests together with tendencies to keep their industries competitive are pushing countries away from global action needed to save our planet. Every country looks what is best for them, and with such attitude there can't be any significant change. This is the reason why the success of new climate deal still very much hangs on the ropes. Developed countries want big greenhouse gas cuts from developing countries but are reluctant to do the same because this would hurt their industries. On the other side developing countries such as China and India do not want to accept significant greenhouse gas cuts because that would stop their tremendous economic growth. And the result of this - ecology yet again punched in the face by industry.

World is sadly still far away from going green. Some thought once Obama was elected as U.S. president that this will shift the balance of power towards ecology but this is not the case. Obama has so far done only minor improvements in U.S. ecological policy, and his big test will be climate deal. If you can remember during his presidential campaign he promised that U.S. will make big greenhouse gas cuts, but as we are getting closer to crucial talks about new climate deal these big greenhouse gas cuts are becoming smaller and smaller.

Excuses are always the same: "this would hurt our economy", "our industry wouldn't be competitive", but the most irritant excuse of them all is "there is still not the right time". If now isn't the right time then when? Do we really have to wait the worst to happen before doing something? Sadly our planet isn't stock market where some stocks can recover after hitting bottom low, if we hit bottom low with our planet we will destroy everything on this planet including ourselves.

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  1. We can no longer accurately forecast what we will be doing 50 years from now. The sad truth is that we are killing ourselves and taking many species with us. We have to put a halt to many of the damaging practises we engage here in North America. Too many cars, too much consumerism, too much entitlement.