Sunday, October 11, 2009

How can we improve our environment?

These days many people seem to be asking this question but very few of them would be willing to go beyond the question itself, and actually do something that would improve our environment. It seems like most of us are willing to do something to improve our environment as long there are no sacrifices needed from our side, because if helping environment means that we have to be deprived of something than all of the sudden importance of environmental issues loses great deal on their value.

What we have to be aware off is that environmental issues can't be solved by talk and questions. What we need is answers in form of real action, and not just theoretically speaking about possible ways to improve our environment like some scientists seem to be doing all the time. What we really need to do is go out in the nature, inspect our environment, find environmental problems in our area and then work on their solutions. Diagnosing environmental problem is in most cases easy to do, for instance to notice pollution, but solutions are often anything but easy because environmental problems sadly still lack required level of political support.

Each and every one of us can do something for our environment by not polluting it with garbage or any other form of pollution, by caring for plants and animals, and not doing anything that could jeopardize them. Basically what we need to do is care more for nature, and this is where the main problem lies. Our society has certain values, namely almost anything is measured in money, and this is the origin of all environmental problems world is faced with today. We can't help nature by destroying forests, causing habitat loss for many animals just to make some new building or new industrial facility. This could mean more money at the end but at what price?

We can sadly see the results of not caring enough for nature and our planet by looking at climate change problem. Heavy industrialization followed by excessive greenhouse gas emissions is changing our climate bringing warmer average temperatures to all parts of our planet, and in couple of decades time this could change entire picture of our planet. In negative sense, of course, in form of drought, floods, hurricanes, hungers, sea levels increase, etc.

And what is the worst part in all of this? The worst part is definitely the fact that despite being pushed so heavily by different environmental problems we still don't do enough to move them away from us, instead they are pushing us even more, up to the point where they will be able to completely squeeze us. Slow politics run by different industry lobbies still looks in this world with the greedy eyes that only tend to boost their profits, and our economies are holy cows that must be protected at any cost.

You probably still remember all the fuss about financial crisis and how quickly world leaders acted to save their precious economies? If you can also remember world leaders pushed aside environmental problems to be solved in better times once the recession will be thing of the past. Now that world economies have started moving upwards yet again we do not see any solution for environmental problems that should be high on political agenda these days. All we see is further negotiations, and lots of promises how world is finally ready to go green.

How far from truth this is? World is really ready to go green only if by green we mean color of the money. because despite living in the 21st century very little has changed in the last 300 years. We can't improve our environment unless we first improve ourselves, our values and the way we think. This really requires total change of our society that takes lot of time, and time seems to be slipping away from our hands bringing us closer and closer to total environmental catastrophe. Do we really need to see the worst before start changing things?

Healthy environment is what caring for nature is all about.


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