Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What do people think of climate change?

Climate change and talks about new climate deal are lately getting lot of attention but still globally speaking majority of people still do not think that climate change is serious and they believe we should let politicians and scientists worry about it. The truth is we should all worry about it, and we should definitely put more pressure on politicians to make things right by curbing greenhouse gas emissions. OK, this may on short term hurt our industries but what's more important health of our planet or industry?

Since we yet (luckily) haven't seen the worse of climate change we fail to see how big this problem could turn out to be in years to come. Sadly human race is well known to act only after things become very serious, and climate change unfortunately doesn't offer us this luxury. With climate change if we fail to act right away we can forget about fixing it, and we'll soon see the scary face of climate change in form of droughts, flooding, hurricanes, and new diseases. But still despite so many scientific studies we still feel like climate change won't happen. The truth is climate change is already happening, and by the end of the century it could show us its real scary face. Though most of us won't be there to see it what about our children? Do they deserve to pay because of our sins?

Media attention is still far away from adequate level, and quite frankly majority of people is more concerned whether their favorite basketball team will enter the playoff than what is climate change capable doing to us. We have given everything into the hands of politicians that can decide what ever they want to about curbing greenhouse gas emissions and agreeing new climate deal. They now that the only real pressure comes from science, and lets face it scientists do not give them so many votes that they should worry about upcoming elections.

Our negligence is the main reason why new climate deal is in jeopardy. We care to little about our planet, and we do not take climate change seriously. Basically we are giving politicians free hands to decide what ever they want to like only their destiny is at stake here, in truth entire destiny of human race, and our planet in general is at stake. We're really taking a big gamble because politics is closely related to different industry lobbies, so don't expect politicians to turn green overnight. I'm not saying that they might give us positive surprise, I'm just saying the stakes are way too high.

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