Sunday, November 29, 2009

Is it difficult to find green job?

You may perhaps recall that president Obama promised to do everything that is in his power to create 5 million green jobs within a decade. Renewable energy related jobs, production of environmentally friendly products such as hybrid cars, are among the most known examples of what is today considered as the green job. In real life it is sometimes very difficult to tell whether some job is really green or not, because there is really big difference between the greenest jobs and the non-green jobs, and the space between these two is not always clear enough to spot the difference.

If we look at the statistical data we can see that the growth rate of green jobs nationwide was 9.1 percent from 1998 to 2007. This number may seem big but there are some market experts that will tell you that green economy's potential has been exaggerated. Still, many people across the U.S. want to make a green career. The green career can range from eco-activism, all the way to manufacturing hybrid cars.

People when opting for green career are usually not doing this just to save our planet, most people also want long-term financial prosperity, and want to find some green job that involves skills that can be easily transferred from their current line of work. Therefore, it is really no surprise that more and more jobs look to be greening, and in most cases switching your current job with some green job will not cause you big adaptation problems.

In fact many green companies will consider your previous experience a plus, and even if you would need to pass some training before getting a job, previous experience can really be only an advantage. Some companies are already offering online courses, informational sessions, and worldwide workshops, mostly for better inside into different renewable energy sectors.

Many people are afraid to make switch to green job because they think they are not skilled enough. In real life in many cases the needed skills are anything but advanced, and will often require very little training. This is mostly because almost two thirds of energy-efficiency jobs are considered middle skills, so green job trainings are definitely not as advanced as many people think they are, and in many cases all you will need to do is little tweaking of your current skills.

The good thing to do before switching to green job would be to read as much as possible about environmental problems, renewable energy, clean energy solutions, because any knowledge will make your switch to green sector much easier.

At the end the choice is all yours. You already know what your current skills are, and the most easy solution is to find some green job that wouldn't require much tweaking from your part. This of course does not mean that you shouldn't change your current career entirely if you want to. Finding green job is really not that hard, and whether you'll choose to be worker or engineer in some renewable energy industry, autoworker that makes hybrid cars, eco-activist, lawyer specialized in environmental law, or anything else it really does not matter in the end. Green is the color that can cover the whole variety of different jobs. It's up to you to choose one.

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