Friday, November 20, 2009

Norway investing in rainforest protection

Norway is one of the richest countries in the world, and unlike some other rich countries Norway do not hesitate to give away huge amount of money to protect rainforests across the globe. In fact Norwas has come to an agreement with Guyana that will see the Scandinavian country invest $250m to preserve the rainforests of the Latin America nation.

This is one of the biggest rainforest protection agreements in history, and with any luck this Norway's example will show the rest of the developed world the example what can they do to stop the deforestation in developing countries. If you look at the current political statements it looks like all world leaders agree that we should protect tropical forests from deforestation but in most cases everything stays on words, luckily Norway has gone the step further, and showed that money is less important when health of our planet is at stake.

Norway is oil-rich country, and oil is one of the most polluting fuels that significantly contributes to climate change problem, so Norway is definitely doing the right thing to decrease the impact it has on global warming and climate change.

The terms of this agreement are as follows: Guyana needs to accelerate its efforts to limit deforestation based carbon emissions and protect its rainforest as an asset for the entire world. Norway will provide financial support of up to $250m over five years depending on Guyana administration's success in implementing limiting emissions and halting deforestation.

Delas like this one could do wonders for preservation of forests and rainforests worldwide because most rainforests and forests are located in third world countries. These poor people destroy forest to make rooms for farms or to sell wood to have means for survival. Big financial help would definitely stop deforestation in these countries, of course if it ends up in the right arms, and not in some dirty politician's pocket.

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