Thursday, November 26, 2009

Siberian tigers disappearing fast

The beautiful Siberian tigers are in real danger of becoming extinct. Siberian Tiger Monitoring Programme says in its report how Siberian tiger population has declined significantly as the researchers counted only 56 tigers in a monitoring area of 9,000 square miles. In 2005 for instance the total number of Siberian tigers across their entire range was estimated at approximately 500 individuals. The only good news (if there is any story) is that deep snows during the last winter may have forced tigers to reduce the total travel amount, making them less active and therefore less detectable to scientists so perhaps the actual number is a bit bigger than scientists believe it is.

The two main reasons for this decline are the usual ones, namely habitat loss and poaching. These two have to be stopped, and if we look at the numbers of remaining Siberian tigers we can easy see that current conservation efforts are not enough to prevent these beautiful animals from going extinct. Unless we see some fundamental changes in law enforcement regulations, improvements in habitat protection, and a strengthening of the protected areas network to help protect the remaining tiger population, these proud animals will perish from the face of the Earth.

Siberian tigers will go extinct without some drastic improvement in tiger conservation efforts.

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