Monday, January 25, 2010

What have we learned from Copenhagen?

First and the most important thing we have learned from Copenhagen climate deal is that world leaders still do not take climate change problem seriously, and yet again despite so many previous promises world still awaits some visible form of action against climate change. Fears that industry will be struck heavily with new climate deal are still bigger than fears about possible global environmental disaster.

The solution to climate change problem is really quite simple, decrease the level of greenhouse gases, most notably carbon dioxide emissions, and this in practice means less fossil fuels burning. However our industry is based on fossil fuels, and very powerful fossil fuels lobbies very much dictate what politics should or shouldn't do.

Politicians make promises so easily but once these promises need to be fulfilled then all of the sudden they need more time using their favored line "this would hurt our economy too much". Yes, it is very likely that industry would be hurt by massive targets in reducing the carbon emissions, but we are talking here about the short-term damage while climate change in form of extreme weather events presents much bigger, and more important long-lasting damage to not only our industry but also to our current way of life.

Science, despite advancing all the time, still isn't almighty, and needs politics in form of available funds to get the job done. Science is constantly warning world leaders that immediate action is needed to stop the climate change but to no avail because our economies are mostly build on climate change, and almighty dollar still rules the world.

If Copenhagen learned us something then this is that we do not expect miracles from politics, and that world despite being connected globally more than ever before is anything but global when it comes to making big decisions. The differences in opinions between countries still prove to be stumbling block despite global threat to entire world.

When will world finally mature and realize that money is not everything in this world? Are we really so blinded with greed and selfishness that we no longer see what's really important?

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