Monday, February 8, 2010

Climate change has to be priority

Despite the failure in Copenhagen, and the increased number of climate change skeptics, solving climate change issue should still remain priority for international community. Most scientists still agree that climate change will hit us very hard in years to come, and I still do not see any valid reason why science would be lying to us in this very important matter.

Even without climate change it would be wise thing to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions because they harm our environment on more than one dimension. I know that world needs energy, and that we currently cannot cope without the fossil fuels to secure growing energy demand but we should be definitely developing clean energy sectors much faster than we are doing today.

By prioritizing climate change we would do great deal to give further boost to many clean energy sectors, and thus would overall have positive effect on our environment, not just in giving less ammo to climate change, but also to reduce air pollution, and help in survival of many plants and animals.

Regardless whether you believe in climate change or no, you should be aware that almost our climate change solutions are environmentally friendly solutions that would significantly improve overall environmental picture of our planet.

We still care much more for economy and money than environment and ecology, and this is not exactly something our civilization can be proud of. By being blessed with developed brain we should be guardians of this planet, instead of constantly doing damage to our environment.

I refuse to believe that true nature of humans is to destroy, and firmly believe that in years to come future generations will come to their senses, and that protecting our planet at any cost would be the credo of the future generations of people. Unless we destroy it first...

Will we left this intact to our future generations?

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