Monday, March 8, 2010

Renewable energy - One of the best solutions to save our planet

If we accept the fact that climate change is the biggest ecological problem world is facing right now then renewable energy seems like the ideal solution to save our planet from the worst that climate change has to offer. The dominant climate change theory blames burning of the fossil fuels as the main reason that adds more strength to climate change impact.

World needs energy, and currently dominant energy sources are fossil fuels which when burn release harmful carbon emissions that end up in the Earth's atmosphere, giving more impact to climate change by increasing Earth's greenhouse effect. As the world population increases so does the energy demand, and this results in more fossil fuels burning, and with it more harmful carbon emissions.

The bad news in the whole story is that fossil fuels will remain dominant for many more decades, and the good news is that environmentally friendly renewable energy sources are becoming increasingly popular around the globe as the whole world looks to be entering into one big global renewable energy race.

World energetic future will very likely belong to renewable energy but we will have to wait a while for this future to come because not only have renewable energy sources just started developing but there are also powerful fossil fuel lobbies that have great influence on politics, and they definitely will not give easy their dominant position in society and industry.

Our ecology needs renewables but our economy still prefers fossil fuels because renewable energy is still a more expensive option. However the constant improvements in renewable energy technologies are making prices of renewable energy much more acceptable, and this decrease in prices is the main reason why wind energy has become so popular energy option in worldwide.

There is no doubt that our planet needs industry but in order to save our planet we must make this industry as greener as possible, and this can be only achieved once renewable energy sources become dominant energy sources.

It is very nice to see global efforts that aim to increase the share of renewable energy in total energy supply, and hopefully world will soon fully realize all the environmental benefits of renewable energy, as renewable energy is definitely one of the best solutions to save our planet.

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