Sunday, May 16, 2010

How can forests protect us from climate change?

Forests, especially rainforests are together with oceans our main allies against climate change because they absorb large quantities of CO2 from the atmosphere. Therefore, world must do everything that's necessary to stop deforestation of rainforests, especially Amazon rainforest because if we lose our rainforests climate change impact will be much stronger, and temperatures will rise much faster.

Amazon rainforest is the biggest rainforest in the world and its deforestation contributes to around 75% of total Brazilian greenhouse gas emissions.

Climate change impact is likely to grow over time, and this could lead to frequent wildfires that could destroy many forests and rainforests, and lead to many animal deaths.

Old tropical rainforests absorb most carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The big reason for worry is that these ancient forests are disappearing very fast (Amazon, Indonesia and Congo).

Forest funding where rich countries pay poor countries to conserve their forests and rainforests is one of the best solutions to save our forests and rainforests.

In fight against climate change it is of vital importance to reduce current deforestation rates. On global level deforestation causes one fifth of total world's greenhouse emissions.

Many recent studies have confirmed that tropical rainforests now absorb more carbon emission than they did couple of decades ago but we still can't count on them to continue to offset our carbon emissions in the future. They can only give us a bit more time to tackle climate change.Forests use carbon dioxide as building blocks for organic molecules and store it in woody tissues but that process doesn't last for eternity.

Planting new trees as well as protecting the old trees can help reduce carbon emissions from the atmosphere. Some recent studies have confirmed that tropical forests are very efficient at keeping the Earth at a stable, healthy temperature.

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