Monday, July 5, 2010

Ecological problems need to be taken seriously

Ecological problems like climate change, deforestation, endangered animals, and different forms of pollution are causing great damage to our environment. Each new day means more negative reports about damage that has been done to our environment, and yet so few people take this problems seriously. Why is that? I believe this has to do with the lack of ecological conscience. In this world everything is about money and making profit, and economy doesn't seem to fit into such concept so very few people think about it.

People seem to be only thinking about damage that is done to our environment once world becomes witness to some huge environmental disaster, the fresh example to this is of course the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico that is getting lot of media attention. What is wrong with us? Do we really have to wait for worst to happen before being able to think straight? Sadly, the answer to this question may indeed be yes, and climate change definitely supports this thesis.

Imagine this, thousands of scientists across the globe have warned world leaders that they need to act immediately to stop further strengthening of climate change impact by drastically reducing carbon emissions on global level, and still there is no new climate deal.

In politics everything is about interests, money and power, and neither of the big players wants to make the exception, and show the world that global interests are more important than individual benefits. United States are afraid that they will lose their dominant position in the world as the world's top economy, China fears that new climate deal might jeopardize its tremendous economic development, and so on.

As you can see it's all about economy and industry, or to play it simple about money and power. If ecology were only half as important as economy we wouldn't be talking about climate change problem because we probably wouldn't now what that is. But world is so far from being the perfect place.

Lets get back to last year and the great recession that caused global financial crisis. What exactly happened? Politicians and world leaders were in great hurry to find the adequate solutions to stop the negative economic trend by all means possible because the almighty money was on the line.

And when they needed to do something similar to protect our planet and life of our future generations by agreeing new climate deal nothing happened. It was yet another political game of false promises that ended in one huge disappointment.

World leaders, despite their statements of how much they care for our planet and our environment, still remain blind when they have to look at the current ecological problems world is facing today. This is because they look into everything through the eyes of economy, and in this view our planet's health is nowhere to be seen.

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