Friday, October 15, 2010

10 things world needs to do to tackle climate change

1. World must agree on new international climate deal that would oblige countries to significant cuts in greenhouse gas emissions.

2. Rich countries should provide funds and other help for developing world to adapt to changes which climate change will bring in years to come.

3. World must significantly decrease fossil fuel consumption and create much stronger renewable energy sector.

4. World must stop deforestation of Amazon rainforest and other large rainforests because these ancient forests absorb large quantities of CO2 from the atmosphere.

5. United States and China need to find a mutual language as the two largest energy consumers in the world, in order to give the positive example to other countries.

6. The influence of fossil fuels lobbies on global politics needs to be significantly smaller to give renewable energy sector a decent chance to grow.

7. Adequate international as well as domestic renewable energy policy and legislation that would make renewable energy use more attractive.

8. Find solution to stop ocean acidification because oceans are the largest CO2 absorbers on our planet.

9. Stop the decline of many animal species by helping them adapt to climate change as much as possible.

10. World needs to develop global ecological conscience, and all countries must act united when it comes to caring for our environment, and our planet in general.

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