Monday, October 4, 2010

Climate change talks - Cancun the last chance?

Will Cancun climate change conference, which will be held later this year, make any difference towards agreeing new climate deal? One thing is sure, the differences between countries are still big stumbling block, and if this situation doesn't change before the conference, climate change talks will once again result in one big failure.

Current prognosis are grim, and many analysts expect the repeat of last year's Copenhagen. The worst part in this whole climate change talks story is the fact that if yet another conference fails miserably then climate change could even become irrelevant issue in the eyes of the world.

If we want to put a decent challenge and really fight against climate change then Copenhagen must not be repeated in Cancun, or else the climate change talks will lose all credibility, and trust in positive outcome will disappear even among the few remaining optimists.

World leaders have to decide whether they are gonna stand still or move forward and fight climate change. The choice should be logical and obvious but in the eyes of politicians, words such as logical and obvious carry little weight compared to individual political and economic interests.

Climate change will affect our entire planet, and world leaders can no longer offer the same old excuse about huge differences between developed and developing world. Climate change is global threat, meaning that countries must unite and act on global level. Individual actions are no longer enough.

Of course the success of climate talks will primarily depend upon United States and China, two biggest greenhouse gas emitters, and whether they'll be able to find the mutual language or not.

Cancun is perhaps the world's last chance to do something about climate change.

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