Saturday, November 13, 2010

What is the best way to fight climate change?

Climate change is the biggest environmental threat of all time, and world still hasn't done anything that could be characterized as a decent fight against climate change. Many people believe that the best way to fight climate change is by agreeing international climate deal but this is only true under one condition, if this climate deal provides solutions (in form of adequate funds and technology) that would enable poor countries to adapt to climate change.

Why? Because climate change is already happening, and the only thing we can do at this point is to adapt to it, and try not make it worse. If we continue with our current CO2 emissions we will make climate change look much worse then it looks today, and the worst possible scenario includes frequent extreme weather events, floods, droughts, new diseases, sea level rise, and extinction of many animals.

However, world still heavily depends on fossil fuels when it comes to energy, and burning fossil fuels releases carbon dioxide emissions which are characterized by many scientists as the main cause of climate change.

Renewable energy is one of the possible answers that would reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, and help tackle climate change, but sadly global renewable energy sector still has many years of developing before being able to put a decent challenge to fossil fuel lobbies.

Some climate change scientists believe that in this current situation the best solution would be to transfer the best available low carbon technologies from the rich to the poor nations.

Developed countries such as US are mostly responsible for the rise in carbon emissions, and not only should these countries curb their emissions, they should also feel the moral duty to help poor countries adapt in form of funds and technology.

Cancun climate talks are just behind the corner, and world is anxious to see whether something has changed since the last year's Copenhagen failure.

Hopefully there won't be yet another "lot of talks, no action" scenario because I no longer have the stomach to swallow this.

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