Sunday, January 9, 2011

Biodiversity loss, extinction and climate change

Biodiversity loss is one of the biggest ecological problems world is facing today, and due to the strengthening of the climate change impact this problem is getting out of our control, in fact the scientists have calculated that due to the climate change extinction of species is thousands times higher than natural extinction.

Such state of biodiversity will cause huge and irreparable damage to global ecosystem, and many species will go extinct. Many people in the world still fail to see that the stakes are really high when it comes to biodiversity, and that our future generations will suffer if we do not tackle this issue as soon as possible.

However there is still no sign of global climate deal which means that climate change will likely become even stronger in years to come. Stronger climate change will also add more impact to ocean acidification, and majority of ecosystems on our planet will be pushed to a point of no return.

In October 2010 at the convention in Nagoya, Japan, the international community has outlined the new strategic plan that incorporates a 2020 biodiversity target and sub-target. This plan also contains a means of implementation as well as a monitoring and evaluation mechanism.

Still, this plan has so far been nothing but some letters on the paper, and world will have to do plenty more if we want to have any chance to stop biodiversity loss.

Our entire world is one huge ecosystem which means that the extinction of any species is doing certain damage on global scale, and if this unprecedented extinction continues world will soon find out what total environmental disaster is all about.

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