Sunday, February 13, 2011

The biggest environmental issues in modern world

Environmental issues or environmental problems are growing in numbers, and the worst of all is the fact that these issues are becoming interconnected which means that it is almost impossible to solve one environmental issue without taking into consideration one or several other environmental issues. For instance it is impossible to solve the endangered animals issue before taking climate change into equation because climate change is one of the biggest reasons why today there are so many endangered animals (together with the habitat loss).

Many people look at the climate change as the biggest environmental issue of our time. Climate change certainly has the potential to turn this world into one giant environmental disaster, and science warns us that we are running out of time to do something about it. The most obvious solution on how to tackle climate change is to significantly reduce the carbon emissions on global level but world leaders are sadly still finding it impossible to agree new international climate deal that would regulate this matter. The world is still heavily dependent on fossil fuels, and fossil fuels are major carbon emitters which makes any action to regulate carbon emissions extremely difficult, especially since world's hunger for energy is growing together with the population growth.

Environmental issues closely connected with climate change are pollution and endangered animals. As already said before climate change will likely bring many animals to the very brink of extinction because many animals won't be able to adapt to fast developing changes in climate, and many of them will likely forever perish from the face of our planet.

Fossil fuels burning is not only the main cause of climate change but also one of the main causes for pollution issue, especially air pollution. In many corners of the world the pollutants are making their way into air and water causing not only big environmental damage but also killing millions of people worldwide every year.

Many people seem to forget deforestation when discussing the biggest environmental issues of our time, neglecting the importance of our forests, and especially rainforests. Our forests are not only "lungs of our planet", they also absorb huge quantities of carbon dioxide (CO2) which is of extreme importance in reducing the climate change impact. Together with our oceans, our forests are the biggest CO2 absorbers on our planet.

With so many different environmental issues that are becoming more and more interconnected conserving the natural resources will become extremely difficult, if not impossible.

The only way world can respond to the environmental challenges of this magnitude is to act as one, united in every sense of the word. Sadly, world is anything but united when it comes to environment and ecology and "the difference in opinions" still prevents world in acting as one. Take climate change talks for instance. So much talk, and so little action. Why? Because personal interests outweigh global interest, which is anything but logical, not to mention the ethics of it.

But in the world driven by the money and power what more can you expect?


  1. why doesn't United States do anything about this.

  2. because the big corps that can, want money more than a good environment.