Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Possible solutions to halt biodiversity loss

The loss of biodiversity on our planet is happening faster than even before, some scientists even claim that even the last mass extinction which happened some 65 millions years ago wasn't characterized with such rapid decline in number of species.

Biodiversity loss must be stopped or otherwise our future generations will find it extremely hard to survive. Here are some possible solutions on how to halt biodiversity loss.

1. First of all there is a habitat loss issue. Human population is constantly growing, needing new areas to live in which reduces the animal habitats. Many animals are going extinct because their habitats are constantly shrinking (for instance Bengal tiger). World needs to establish more protected areas free of humans because this is the only way to stop further decline of many animal species.

2. Stop climate change from running out of control. Many plants and animals are finding it very hard to cope with the changes in climate, and many of them will forever perish from the face of our planet unless we stop climate change from becoming worse. In order to tackle climate change world needs international climate deal that would reduce greenhouse gas emissions on global level.

3. Stop deforestation. Tropical rainforests are the areas of the richest biodiversity in our planet, providing living environment for millions of different species. Rainforests also play important role in sinking carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere which is extremely helpful in fight against climate change.

4. Reduce environmental pollution. Many plants and animals are finding it extremely hard to survive in polluted environment. Pollution is not only happening in land but also in our oceans having very negative impact on marine biodiversity. Animals and plants can't thrive in polluted environment.

5. Protect native ecosystems from invasive species. Invasive species more often than not do serious damage to native ecosystems, and reduce the success rate of conservation efforts.

6. Biodiversity also needs to be more studied in order to give us the necessary knowledge needed to protect animal and plant species from going extinct.

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