Saturday, April 9, 2011

Climate talks still anything but promising

The environmental condition of our planet is not good, and by the current looks of it things are getting even worse because world still hasn't done anything meaningful that would decrease the impact of the biggest environmental threat of our time. Of course, we are talking here about the climate change.

The potential climate change solution is international climate deal and massive cuts in greenhouse gas emissions but international climate talks have so far been just talks, without any significant action, and given the current political situation in the world even the biggest optimists remain unconvinced that world leaders are ready to put aside their individual interests for the good of our planet.

How can you expect something more from climate talks when world leaders can't even agree over the agenda for negotiations as the latest report from climate change talks in Bangkok clearly points out.

Despite living in the 21st century the world is still very much a divided place. On one side there are developed countries and on the other poorer developing countries. Developing nations say that Kyoto must be preserved while developed world thinks that world needs a much broader climate agreement that would include all big emitters to steps to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Last year's Cancun climate talks were at least somewhat promising but this year looks to be another "blame it on the other story". This is of course a big disappointment because many people expected positive things in 2011. How can world leaders reach international climate deal when they can not even agree on agenda, and are currently stuck in useless procedural discussions.

What is preventing world leaders from using the common sense and basic logic? I mean, if they all agree that climate change is very serious global threat to our entire planet then doesn't this mean that climate change issue should outweigh their individual interests. Or did they become so blinded with money and power that they have forgot about the priorities and real values?

Our world is really a sad place to live in. It's like we no longer know how to separate right from wrong. What will our children and grandchildren think of us if we remain ignorant about climate change? What's our legacy to them? A planet brought to the very edge of total environmental disaster?

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