Thursday, April 21, 2011

What is science is right about climate change?

There are still many climate change skeptics in the world who believe that science is wrong about climate change. Is it really so easy to remain ignorant about the most serious environmental threat of our time? If we believe science about so many different things then why not believe in what they have to say about climate change? Why would scientists lie to us?

If science is right about climate change then our children and our grandchildren will have a really tough time surviving in future world. Almost all predictions about the future climate are about dramatic changes characterized by frequent extreme weather events, major sea level rise, new diseases, floods, droughts, etc. Definitely not something to looking forward too.

Climate change is already happening, and the evidences about this can be clearly seen in many corners of the world. It is completely another matter whether we actually want to see these evidences or not. Why? Because of our contribution to climate change phenomenon in form of excessive greenhouse gas emissions.

The time has come when we must not only think how to tackle climate change from becoming much worse in years to come but also how to adapt to climate change. The rich countries certainly have enough money to come up with the effective solutions to adapt to climate change but what will happen to the developing world? The poorest to suffer the most yet again?

The world has to be aware that climate change impact will not strike all regions equally, and that the ones hit the most will require the largest funds. This particularly applies to Africa that will likely need the largest funds of all continents. Like hunger alone isn't already a big enough problem for black continent.

The international climate deal that would oblige all countries to massive greenhouse gas cuts is really the only logical way to prevent climate change impact from reaching the catastrophic proportions. However because of the huge political polarization between the developed and the developing world climate change deal currently looks anything but possible.

The climate change science doesn't have very long history but this is no reason not to believe scientists because they have no reasons to make things up. If only half of that what they are saying is right then the world is heading to an environmental disaster of gigantic proportions. We can't say we haven't been warned...

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