Thursday, May 5, 2011

China has no other option but to go green

China really has no other option but to go green in order to start cleaning up a huge environmental mess across the country. China is currently the world's largest greenhouse gas emitter, and despite the huge economic growth there is an increased number of Chinese, particularly those from growing middle class, who believe that there has to be some limit on growing the economy without taking into consideration the environmental condition.

Air pollution is running loose in many Chinese cities, water pollution is also taking heavy toll on China's rivers, and there is also the ever-present global climate change threat that will not spare China once it starts running out of control. Going green is really the only logical option that China can do right now, and the first signs of this new policy are already visible.

Despite the fact that „dirty“ coal is still the main energy source in China renewables are becoming increasingly important and China is global clean energy leader with its investments into different renewable energy sectors, most notably wind and hydroelectric power.

China is becoming increasingly aware that the only way to maintain the balance between the economy and environment is to have strong renewable energy sector. More energy coming from sun, wind and other renewable energy source is the only way for many Chinese to have access to clean air and clean water.

More renewable energy does not only mean healthy environment with clean air and water, it also means many new economic opportunities and most of all many new jobs within the renewable energy industry. As I write this China has around one million people employed in renewable energy industry, and is dominating the global production of wind turbines and solar panels.

But China still needs plenty more clean energy before we can see any serious improvement of environmental condition in China. But at least we can't say the Chinese aren't trying though they will certainly need lot more efforts before being able to experience healthy life without the polluted environment.

If China manages to clean up its environment this would come as a huge boost for entire world as it would given us hope that we can still win the fight against major ecological problems such as pollution and climate change.

Good luck China, and keep it green.

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