Thursday, July 14, 2011

Climate change is a big factor in biodiversity loss

Climate change is one of the most important factors that are contributing to the huge global biodiversity loss. According to the latest study by the University of Exeter one out of ten species will perish from the face of this planet by the end of this century if current climate change trends continue.

The serious decline of population is already hitting many animal and plant species across the globe with some species already being listed as critically endangered, being at the very brink of the extinction.

Many different studies have showed that climate change already has negative impact on animals and plants because they are finding it extremely hard to adapt to these fast occurring changes in climate.

Many politicians brand these studies as uncertain so they could delay the action for some future times because this is what powerful fossil fuel lobbies want from them. This latest study should serve to these politicians as a wake-up call because scientists at Exeter examined almost 200 predictions of the future effects of climate change from studies conducted all over the world which makes this study the most comprehensive up to now.

The conclusion was that the negative effects of climate change are already happening and, if anything, exceed previous predictions and that the climate change has become a massive threat to global biodiversity.

All animals and plants are affected with climate change because this is a global phenomenon. In order to protect these species from extinction world does not only need to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions but also needs to establish new protected areas and ensure more funds for conservation.

World needs quick action but politicians remain slow uninterested bystanders looking only at their own individual interests and still not realizing that global interests are above individual and that the climate change is global threat that will soon run out of control.

If only politicians would care half as much for environment as they do for economy. But hey, we still live in a greedy little world where money and power is everything and politicians are perfect representatives of the moral degradation of our “modern” society.

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