Thursday, August 18, 2011

What is the main reason behind poor environmental condition?

There are several different reasons which help explain the currently very poor global environmental condition. Let us start with the most important reason of them all – our reliance on fossil fuels.

Since the start of the industrial revolution fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) have become foundations on which our industry, and economy in general, has been built. Truth to be told, our society wouldn't be as much technologically developed as it is today without the fossil fuels.

However, this dependence on fossil fuels has also created huge environmental problems, such as pollution and climate change, which could in years to come make life very difficult for our future generations. The main problem with fossil fuels is that their burning releases harmful carbon dioxide emissions which do not only pollute our air but are also contributing to climate change impact.

Pollution in all of its forms (air, water, soil, noise) is becoming huge environmental threat and world still hasn't found the way to reduce the growth of pollution at global level. Particularly vulnerable are developing countries such as India and China where water and air pollution is running out of the control in large parts of their territories.

In order to fight against climate change and pollution world needs to cut its heavy dependence on fossil fuels and this can be only achieved by turning to clean renewable energy sources such as solar and wind energy.

Together with shift to renewables world also needs to ensure the sustainable use of water, land, and other scarce resources because we need to preserve these resources for our future generations.

Biodiversity loss is also a very huge issue that will require much more attention from world leaders if we are to save many animal and plant species from going extinct. We must not forget that biodiversity is the key to all life on our planet, ours included.

The fight against climate change, pollution and biodiversity loss cannot be won without the united world. Sadly, our world is still anything but united as the international climate talks clearly point out and almighty dollar is still the one making the shots.

In order to improve our environment we first need to improve our society because by the current looks of it we seem to have lost many moral values over the years. Our society definitely needs reshaping because money can't be purpose of everything in life. Think of it that way, without environment to spend it in what good is all the money in the world?

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