Thursday, September 1, 2011

World needs more marine protected areas

Marine protected areas are sea regions where human activity has been restricted in a way that does not interfere with natural environment and marine ecosystems and enables marine life to thrive without human-based distractions.

Our oceans and seas cover more than 70% of Earth's surface and are the areas with the richest biodiversity in our planet. In order to protect biodiversity in our oceans and seas world needs to establish more marine protected areas where different animal and plant species could live without human interference.

In 2010, only 1.17% of the world's oceans were protected, definitely not enough to stop global marine biodiversity loss and tackle the raising environmental concerns such as marine pollution and overfishing.

For instance, according to the latest study by the Stanford University world needs to protect at least 4% of world's oceans in order to protect marine mammal species from serious decline in population.

Many countries have established national targets, accompanied by action plans and implementations but on global level these efforts are still inadequate to ensure appropriate marine conservation.

Countries need to work together, on global level, in order to solve this issue but world still fails to achieve unity with major environmental issues, and marine conservation is sadly no exception.

Overfishing is already taking heavy toll in many parts of the world, and without the establishment of more marine protected areas this problem will very soon escalate because millions of people worldwide depend on fish for their daily livelihoods.

Overfishing is really the main reason why world needs more protected areas and together with climate change the biggest threat to marine biodiversity.

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